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Don’t Believe the Hype


Back in April, I came across the blog post “Who Killed Social Media Marketing” on Digital Tonto and finally decided to share it with you (and provide my thoughts). The post trumpets the decline (and “planned” resurgence) of “Social Media Marketing” and heralds the onset of “Social Network Marketing.” By providing annotations, the post does a wonderful job of connecting observation with advanced network theory. Continue reading

2011 – the Year to “Proccessitize”


I am so glad the “experts” were so accurate in their 2010 predictions. “What accurate predictions?” you may ask. Well, as we should all remember, 2010 was the year that traditional media died, the Web died, and Social Media went mainstream. OK, so 1 out of three ain’t bad, right? WRONG.

What I saw in 2010 was a lot of me-toos and self-professed experts out preaching an Answer to all that ails marketing. As many businesses found out, there was little ROI at the end of the rainbow. Much like in the infancy of the Web, businesses still showed reluctance to jump onboard with SEO and Social Media and failed at actively marketing their businesses online. They merely dipped their toes in the water, put little-to-no effort into it, and got little-to-no result. The problem isn’t that Social Media, or AdWords, or SEO, or any other online medium doesn’t work – the problem is, there is no Answer to marketing, no silver bullet, no easy out.

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Economic Development Online Monday Musings – Snowbound Edition


LEDO Suite logoAs much of the country seems to be socked in or getting socked in with snow – this is a perfect time to curl up by the fire with a warm mug of coffee (or hot chocolate), and read the latest and greatest musings from the world of economic development online marketing. There’s a fair dose of economic development news along with some great tips as you enter the new year looking to spruce up a design here or a social media campaign there. Complete this form if you’d like to receive the Monday Musings via e-mail the Friday before we publish!

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Facebook Winning Search and Traffic Wars


InformationWeek released some startling new statistics for the shear volume of both search AND traffic that Facebook has achieved over the past year.  According to InformationWeek, Facebook accounts for 4 of the top 10 most searched terms in 2010 and 3.48% of the top 50 terms.  “Facebook”, “Facebook login”, “”,and “”  were the 4 terms listed in the top 10.  Experian Hitwise also reports that Facebook’s search volume is up 207% over 2009!

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Social Media Marketing for Your Economic Development Organization is What You Make It!


Social Media is Critical for Economic Development MarketingDon’t miss the boat! Be sure your economic development organization is visible on various social media platforms. You might be more than behind the times, you may be missing opportunities for new investment!

Over the next few weeks I’m going to be writing about social media marketing and how it relates to your economic development organization and it’s website. I’m going to host a webinar next Thursday that will go more in-depth on what social media means to your integrated marketing plan. Right now I wanted to discuss a recent development with LinkedIn and why an economic development organization needs to be engaged with social media.

MySpace is Dead… and Other Fallacies

by recently released its top 50 websites, by unique visitors, for the month of October. Not surprisingly, Google reigned supreme with over 146M unique visitors. For those keeping score, that’s unique visitors – not repeat visitors. Wow. So how did the rest of the Web-world fare, and what does that mean to your business? Let’s take a closer look. Continue reading

Use Website Analytics to Steer Your Economic Development Marketing Strategy


Use website analytics to balance the resources invested in economic development organization online strategy

Use free tools to pull analytics data from your economic development website to effectively steer your marketing strategy.

Another LinkedIn discussion from the Economic Development Professionals group caught my eye when considering what to write about this week. Daniel Silverman asked, “What makes your region an ideal location for investment?” I responded by linking to a post that favors talent-based models of economic development compared with the more prevalent location-based model of marketing communities from Jim Russell’s Burg Diaspora Blog.

Russell’s point is focused on the failure of some regional economies to effectively market their communities as hubs for talented individuals, with a particular focus on Generation Y or Millennials. He suggests these regions have had less success with their overall economic development efforts because these areas have failed to attract younger workers to the workforce.

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