Develop your Website One Step at a Time


Develop Your Website

So, you’ve gone through the process of getting a website for your business. Hurray! But making it live for the entire world to see isn’t the end of the line. You need to come up with a comprehensive website development strategy in order to make sure that your website continues to grow. If you don’t have some sort of game plan for adding in new content, images, videos or more, you can end up finding yourself wanting to work on everything at once.

One of the best ways to get started is to single out one area of the site that you know will need to be developed further. After all, you’ve gotten your potential customer to the site, you want them to hang around and convert. Take your most popular product or service, break it down into areas that you know still need expanding on, and go from there. Once you know what you are missing, it’s easy to plan out what you need to do. 

For example, Product A currently has a webpage describing the item and why it’s the best solution for your client. However, you’ve noticed that there is a large interest in some of the finer details of the product. Your analysis of the questions and information that is being requested shows that you can put together three PDFs on the specs, two videos covering some of the uses of Product A, a widget that can calculate the amount of savings it provides over other popular alternatives, a handful of questions that you can add to your FAQ page, and a few content pages that go into further detail on its uses in specific industries. Now that you have a checklist on how to provide your users a better experience, you can just start down the list. Rinse and repeat for each area of your site, and you will find that developing your website isn’t as overwhelming as it first appears. 

You don’t want your website to grow stagnant. A good website development strategy, along with a proven web design, will ensure that it doesn’t end up that way.