How to Copy Twitter Lists, Consolidate and Manage Them


How to Copy Twitter Lists, Consolidate and Manage Them Oh joyful day. Oh wonderful upgraded functionality. Twitter ¬†finally updated their list functionality on May 30th to increase the amount of lists you can create from a mere 20 to 1000, and to allow each list to hold 5000 Twitter¬†members, instead of a scant 500. What? You don’t use Twitter lists? Here are just a few reasons why you should.

  • As a listening tool for news, trends, aggregation, curation, and opportunities to engage specific types of list members
  • As a way to focus on those certain profiles you don’t want to miss Tweets from
  • As an alternate to following abandoned accounts, over-sharers, and/or social media me monsters
  • To vet potential follows by reviewing their content, activity level, and online behavior before following
  • As a mini CRM so you know which Twitter chat, marketing conference, social network, or networking event you made initial contact from
  • To alert account holders, they get a notification by default via email when you add them to a list, that you have shown an interest in them
  • To use with 3rd party tools for segmentation, measurement, analytics, and automation (use carefully)
And so forth and so on. In the video below I show you how to copy from one Twitter list to another, to consolidate or add to new Twitter lists, using This will save time for those, like myself, that had to create a “Fort Wayne” list and a “Fort Wayne 2” list due to the old 500 member limit. You may also find this tool very useful for other Twitter follower/follow management tasks like copying a Twitter list from one user account to another.

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  1. Bill Hartman

    Awesome video and information. Now I have a new project to do. I have a few list but need to go back and arrange and put more people in the proper list.

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