Is Your Online Reputation Crap, Nonexistent, or Under Control?


Social Media Club IndyOnline reputation management for brands and individuals can be a difficult and precarious subject to cover, yet that’s the subject I was asked to present on at a recent Social Media Club Indy event. To make things a bit more fun, I had roughly ten minutes to do it in as I was actually warming up the crowd for Chris Baggott from Compendium who was covering how to get hired in social media. Thankfully host Duncan Alney from Firebelly Marketing in Indy was nice enough to let me fudge on time, to the tune of at least fifteen minutes. Thanks Duncan.

In my online reputation presentation, the slides from which including a bonus one are below, I urged the crowd to pay particular attention to the following.

  • Monitor what you create and what other create about you.
  • Be proactive in building your online reputation.
  • Own your online brand and identity.
  • Don’t escalate that which is discovered only by you.
  • Monitor name(s), usernames, nicknames, brand, competition, products, and services.
  • Allow brand or identity advocates/evangelists to respond.
  • Document all online reputation issues.
  • Consider how social media activities are showing in search engine results and plan accordingly.

Don’t stop with these tidbits though. Check out the whole ORM presentation below or to see additional notes by viewing on slideshare.

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