Making Search Engine Optimization Efforts Worthwhile, Convert Those Unique Users with Content


Quality Content Critical for Search Engine Optimization

One of the folks I follow on Twitter is attending the IEDC Basic Course in Pennsylvania this week and it brought back memories from when I went through the Indiana Economic Development Course (Class of ’06). I came away with a number of great connections and good, solid information on the technical aspects of economic development.

By far my favorite course during the week-long session was the segment on marketing taught by Bob St. Claire of The St. Claire Group. He really turned my thinking around on what economic development marketing (and marketing in general) is all about. One quote he shared that I remember to this day was, “Every one of your organizations is within one-day’s drive from 50% of the population – how does that differentiate you from your competition?” (emphasis mine).

Last week I wrote about features you really need to incorporate into your website from a technical standpoint to make it visible online from a search engine optimization standpoint. This week I’d like to cover what makes your local economic development organization website competitive online.

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