Successful Online Marketing



Successful online marketing requires the following elements:  Understanding, Vision, and Execution. 

Let’s look at “Understanding.”

From the very start, you and everyone in your company must have a clear understanding of company profit centers, products, and service offerings. Knowing what your company can sell profitably is critical to establishing an online marketing campaign that will raise the visibility of the correct product and/or service. 

Each product and service must have a value proposition, too.  A customer value proposition consists of the sum total of benefits a vendor promises a customer will receive in return for that customer’s associated payment (or other value-transfer). This information is what helps you establish which products you can offer profitably and their value to your customers.

Vision is the next key element.

What are your company’s possibilities? Where could you sell your product or service? What markets do you wish to grow or expand into? Establishing the correct vision takes a combination of experience and research. A company must be able to clearly define its goals and objectives in order to create a online marketing plan to achieve them. This plan should contain some of following basic information:

  • The products and services you will offer
  • Where you will promote them
  • Who you will offer them to
  • How you will sell them

The final element is Execution. 

Successful online marketing is achieved by executing your online marketing plan in a way that goes well beyond simply launching a website that contains a listing of your products and services.

Your website is the core of your online marketing, but it is supported by many forms of online and offline outreach. Direct mail, email, social networks, and traditional advertising are strong tools that can drive traffic to your website, where your complete value proposition can be explained to a potential customer. Major opportunities to communicate to a customer demographic should be scheduled and supported by as many facets of your online marketing program as possible.

Plan your outreach and follow through with strong integration on your website. Obviously, your website must be constructed to support your online marketing efforts. It should contain unique messages for each target demographic with specific calls to action to best facilitate a sell. A search engine optimization (SEO) program should be constructed as well – to create search visibility for the products and services you have targeted.  

The Internet is the most powerful marketing tool ever. If you properly address the matter of Understanding, Vision, and Execution, your success online becomes a much surer thing.