Turn Customer Questions into Website Content Gold!


Many businesses who have been serving clients for more than a couple of years will start to hear similar questions being asked. Receptionists and sales people know exactly what these questions are. These can run the gamut of simple to complex solutions or variables on your products or services. If they are taking the time to ask the question, more than likely someone else is out there searching for answers on the Internet.

Do you want to be the one to answer your clients or do you want one of your competitors to? Or, do you want to answer the questions for your competitors’ clients? If your competitors are doing little with their site, this can become a “win” for your Internet marketing efforts.

How do you answer these questions?

There are many ways to turn the questions into the website content gold. Here are a few options:

  • Write out an answer to the question using sound SEO techniques and post it to your site or blog.
  • Make sure to link from this post to the page that describes the product or service that solves the problem on your site.
  • Create a graphic explaining the issue and how to solve it. Write a description about the graphic and share it out to sites like Pinterest. Making sure it links back to the product or service on your site, not the homepage.
  • Create a video talking about the answer and post it on YouTube. This provides an additional area for the answer to be found. You can imbed this video on your site with a description to attract search engines as well. You can even offer a transcript so the search engines can index the entire content of the video.
  • Create or Add a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) or “How-to” section to your website and include it there.
  • Add calls to action to each of these to help convert readers/viewers into clients or customers.

For most of these questions, the answer will remain the same for a long period of time, making the effort to produce the answer all the more worthwhile. The longer the answer is relevant, the longer you should expect to see some traffic visit your site for the answer.

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