Twitter Offers Intent and Influence



According to, ExactTarget’s “Subscribers, Fans and Followers” report highlights the trends of Twitter, email, and Facebook users and their influence on customer loyalty.  Despite the relatively low penetration of Twitter relative to Facebook and email, its users are far more likely to purchase after “following” than email opt-in subscribers or Facebook users who “liked” a brand.


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The report went on to analyze the liklihood of the users to recommend products of the brands they follow, subscribe, or like.  Turns out a third of Twitter users are likely to act as influencers versus 21% of Facebook users and 24% of email subscribers.  Facebook users in the survey indicated they already liked the brand before they “liked” the brand and tend to act as average consumers while Twitter users, although small only (3% of US internet users “follow” brands on twitter), represent more outspoken brand and product advocates.


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