Why Annotating Activity In Google Analytics Is Important


What if you could make a notation of company marketing activities and see how each drives traffic to your website(s)? Well, you can. Google Analytics has offered an easy to use annotation feature since December of 2009 and here is a quick example of why you should be using it.

Recently I tweeted about about the post “You Have to Earn Attention In Addition to Permission“, but since I had tweeted it before, I changed the body of the tweet. I wanted to see how it performed compared to the original mention on twitter. Upon checking our Google Analytics for that day, I did indeed see a large spike in traffic, but further investigation showed that most of the increased traffic was going to a different page. I noticed only one annotation, which was mine indicating when I tweeted and what I tweeted about. Because someone forgot to annotate an activity I could have mistakenly attributed it to the afore mentioned tweet.

Annotation in Google Analytics

Now imagine that I would have seen this (see above) in the annotation area, which was added later after a few questions around the office. This would have immediately reminded me that we had sent out an email announcement about our upcoming Fort Wayne social media seminar on May 12th. While both added valuable traffic to the site I could have easily and falsely attributed the traffic to social media marketing rather than email marketing.

OK, just a quick thought. I am off to Google Analytics to annotate about this annotation article then it’s on to the next test. Oh and if you liked this quickie or not please tell me by commenting below.