Netcentered How-To Hangout: Mobile Version vs. Mobile App What do I Need

 @  12:00 PM - 01:00 PM


This week’s topic: Mobile Version vs. Mobile App - What do I need?

Date: Thursday, April 5, 2012
Time: Noon to 1:00 p.m.
Where: Our Google+ Hangout

Here’s your chance to get extra tips on how to manage your website and market yourself more effectively, both online and off! That’s what we call NetCentered Marketing, and that’s our focus. We’ll give you the high-altitude view of a particular NetCentered subject (10 minutes’ worth): anything from becoming social media savvy to the use of your website content management tools. Then we’ll open the field for friendly chat and a Q&A session between you, us, and 8 other participants. (Google+, not us, sets a 10-participant limit.)

Be a Part of It! Here’s How:

  • Create a Google+ personal profile or business page. (We’ll be asking you to do this, anyway, for your business’s online SEO and brand visibility.)
  • Click this link: ... or do a search on Google+ for “Cirrus ABS.”
  • Look for the “Live” indicator and the words “Cirrus ABS is hanging out.”
  • Click the “Join this hangout” button.
  • The experience is better with a webcam or microphone, but, lacking that, you can still participate fully: just watch, listen, and type your comments or questions into the chat window.
  • Can’t join us because we’ve reached our 10-participant limit? Wait a bit. People are free to enter or leave our hangout at will. If someone splits before the hour is up, you can step in and fill their slot! And we’re happy to have you!

Trust us, this is just the NetCentered “how-to” help you’ve been looking for!