SEO Seminar

 @  09:00 AM - 11:00 AM
Search Engine Optimization for Visibility, Action & Conversion
Seminar host Kevin Mullett, Cirrus ABS director of product development and a recognized SEO specialist, will offer fresh insights into the ever-evolving world of Search Engine Optimization.
Introduction to SEO 8:30-9am, Main seminar session 9-11:30am 

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Kevin Mullett Fort Wayne SEO AuthorityAmong the wide range of topics to be covered are …
  • what you should know about SEO – the standard business essentials: search visibility and how SEO plays into it; SEO versus other media; intent qualification for SEO strategies; localization of your SEO plan; SEO keyword selection concepts; search engine algorithm changes; finding SEO worthy content subjects; conversion measurement concepts for your SEO; more
  • SEO and Social Media – why you can’t ignore the connection anymore
  • how Bing + Yahoo and Bing + Facebook have expanded search options
  • the potential impact of the new Google +1on your business
  • the growing importance of SEO in online reputation management and brand management
This Fort Wayne SEO seminar is presented free of charge by nationally recognized Web developer, marketer, and business consultant Cirrus ABS. It’s designed primarily for business people who have a pretty good understanding of SEO but would like to know more. Consider yourself an SEO novice? Then come to our half-hour Pre-Seminar Introductory Session at 8:30 a.m. Kevin will guide you through enough SEO basics that you’ll easily follow the rest of the seminar – and get a lot out of it!
Introduction to SEO 8:30-9am, Main seminar session 9-11:30am