Cirrus ABS Adapts PPG’s Website for Chinese Subsidiary

Feb 22

Fort Wayne Web design and development firm Cirrus ABS, many of whose clients operate internationally, has helped tube manufacturer Precision Products Group (PPG) adapt its Cirrus-developed website for PPG subsidiary Huizhou Fusheng (China) Insulation Materials Ltd., Inc. The recently launched site features a dropdown tab that allows visitors to view content in either Chinese or English. Cirrus ABS’s award-winning eBusiness Suite technology makes the transition from one language to the other smooth and quick.

The original PPG site was custom-designed and custom-built by Cirrus ABS in 2009 on the eBusiness Suite platform. Cirrus also helped PPG with a Web strategy to expand its marketing outreach. In large part, it’s this site’s content that PPG had translated into Chinese for the new Huizhou Fusheng site.

Precision Products Group, Inc., (PPG) is the parent company of a family of leading precision tube manufacturers. Besides the Huizhou City, China, facility, this family includes Stone Industrial, in Maryland, and Paramount Tube, in Fort Wayne. PPG sells primarily to the automotive, electrical insulation, medical, pharmaceutical, and specialty packaging industries.

If your firm is international in scope, contact Cirrus ABS. We’d love to put our innovative technology and marketing solutions to work for your global audience!