Cirrus ABS Chosen Official Komet Online Marketing Partner

Oct 11

Fort Wayne digital agency Cirrus ABS was chosen recently by the Fort Wayne Komet Hockey Club to be the team’s official online marketing partner. As such, Cirrus will develop a new Komet website and help the team better promote itself with, among other things, advanced online technology and expanded social media programs. Both parties see the partnership as being especially beneficial to the team as it enters its 60th anniversary season. 

“As is the case with anything that the Komets do, we are always looking to be innovative, bigger, better, and bolder,” says Scott A. Sproat, Komet executive vice president and co-owner. “We recognized the need for a real ‘power player’ when it came to the future of our website, social media, and online marketing. At the same time, we are a local company, and doing business locally is important to us. We are fortunate that there is a firm that is on the cutting edge of providing these kinds of solutions for companies of all sizes and reaches that we can turn to right here at home in Fort Wayne. The timing is right for the Komets to really put some time, resources, and energy into sound strategies that will take us to the next level with everything that we do online. We are thrilled to be able to partner with Cirrus ABS for online and social media solutions that will keep us at the forefront of exposure to the next generation of Komet fans and the next platform of media technology. We’re excited about what Cirrus ABS has in store not only for, but also for our entire online presence. Stay tuned!” 

Says Cirrus CEO and Founder Matt Nickols, “The Komets came to us specifically for our Web marketing and social media expertise as well as our technology. We’re thrilled to put it all together for them, too – especially the social media aspect, which they’re looking to take to the next level. After all, the Komets are one of northeast Indiana’s most famous brands; certainly, they’re recognized nationwide as a model sports franchise –one that’s achieved considerable success. They’ve been instrumental in putting Fort Wayne on the map by Street and Smith’s Sports Business Journal as one of the country’s very top minor-league sports cities.” 

The Fort Wayne Komet Hockey Club was established in 1952 by Ernie Berg, who became the team’s first general manager. Over the past 59 years, through a number of venue, organizational, and league changes, the team has garnered 12 regular season championships, 12 division titles, and eight championship titles. Owners, players, and fans alike – both past and present – have kept Komet hockey alive and brought the franchise to its 60th anniversary celebration. 

Your online marketing and social media efforts could benefit from a partnership with us, too. Just contact Cirrus ABS.