Cirrus ABS Deploys New 1st Source Bank Website

Sep 14

FORT WAYNE, IN – Web developer Cirrus ABS provided its technology and development services to help South Bend-based 1st Source Bank update and improve its newly re-launched website, The new site was purposed to enhance the bank’s image, better support its marketing objectives, and boost the conversion of site visits to new business opportunities. 

Specifically, Cirrus ABS … 

  • worked with 1st Source Bank to create a new, contemporary website design more consistent with the branding of its other marketing materials – a design that would appeal to today’s consumers and better position the bank against its competitors
  • improved the site’s content architecture to provide the best possible navigation and clearest, most up-to-date and accessible depiction of bank products, services, and programs1st Source Bank
  • assisted in writing content for much of the site, adhering to the bank’s established message and branding guidelines
  • enabled the bank to achieve higher visibility across all its geographic markets with a sophisticated Locations Module/Branch Locator
  • provided metrics that enable the bank to track the effectiveness of its online and offline marketing efforts as well as its website’s conversion performance
  • provided the technology that allows non-technical 1st Source staff to execute daily content management tasks quickly and easily
  • implemented an advanced, multi-tiered Review & Approve Process, Cirrus ABS’s proprietary technology platform that allows website content to be submitted online from anyone anywhere within the 1st Source organization, then allows it to be reviewed, edited, commented upon, and approved (or rejected) online by select 1st Source personnel before the content goes live
  • delivered a technology platform that increases site security, protecting all banking data from outside attacks and theft with state-of-the-art safeguards
  • extended the technology platform framework so 1st Source can select and post required disclosures on a per-page, per-content-item basis and thus meet all of its regulatory compliance obligations easily
  • provided other solutions as well to enhance the online banking experience of 1st Source clients and help the bank achieve its goals.  

Jim Seitz, Senior Vice President of 1st Source Consumer and Electronic Banking, says, “We're very pleased with the newly designed Cirrus ABS did a great job meeting our needs and the needs of our clients. The new website is fresh, easy to navigate, and allows our clients to access their accounts quickly, plus it includes several exciting new features." 

“From our perspective,” says Cirrus CEO and Founder Matt Nickols, “the experience of working with 1st Source was pleasurable on a number of levels. It gave us the opportunity, for one thing, to stretch the capabilities of our technology platforms and apply them in innovative ways to the specific needs of the banking industry.” Nickols further notes that, “1st Source has a truly visionary, forward-thinking marketing department. Now they have the tools that make it easier than ever for them to manage and expand their outreach efforts.” 

1st Source Bank, chartered in 1863 as the First National Bank of South Bend, has literally grown with the region. As a result of its continued commitment to the communities it serves, its parent company, 1st Source Corporation, is today the largest locally controlled financial institution in northern Indiana and southwestern Michigan. It is also recognized nationally as one of Forbe’s 100 Most Trustworthy Companies in America. 

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