Cirrus ABS Develops Custom Website for Foamnasium Children’s Furniture

Apr 26

Fort Wayne, IN – Web design and development firm Cirrus ABS recently helped Indianapolis-based Foamcraft, Inc., a leading fabricator of polyurethane foam products for commerce and industry, create a website for its new line of Foamnasium children’s furniture and play products.

Specifically, Cirrus ABS provided the just-launched with a custom website design, custom content architecture, and the toolsets included in its award-winning eBusiness Suite technology platform. Cirrus also assisted with content writing and is providing an ongoing program of search engine optimization. Though not available at launch, the new site will soon feature a Cirrus ABS ecommerce solution that will enable customers to buy Foamnasium products directly from the company, online.

Foamcraft is looking for the new website to help it reach a wide audience of targeted customers for its proprietary Foamnasium products. This audience includes daycares, schools, other institutions catering to children, and parents simply seeking to outfit their children’s playrooms.

If your company is looking to expand its market reach, contact Cirrus ABS and see how one of our custom website solutions can help make that goal a reality.