Cirrus ABS Develops Custom Website for Indy Event Planning Resource

Apr 19

Fort Wayne, IN – Snappening, LLC, an Indianapolis-based event planning consultation service, recently launched its new Cirrus ABS-developed website, Driving the site is Cirrus ABS’s award-winning eBusiness Suite. This is an advanced technology platform that Cirrus continually upgrades as new technology becomes available. For Snappening, Cirrus enhanced the eBusiness Suite with a number of highly customized capabilities including advanced ad management, account management, and payment processing. Cirrus ABS further provided custom website design and content architecture for the new site.

Snappening was started by Crystal Grave, a seasoned sales and marketing professional with more than 15 years of experience in public relations, branding, and strategic business development. During those years, she planned dozens of personal and professional events, ranging from intimate parties for friends to major events accommodating 50,000 people or more. Her company grew out this activity. As president and CEO of Snappening, Grave has consulted with and gotten feedback from numerous professionals as well as consumers. The website is one result of that effort. It was custom-designed to be a comprehensive resource for event planning and venue advertising. Thus, at, professional event planners, venue managers, and consumers alike will find all the tools they need to help bring their next event off successfully.

In addition to the capabilities mentioned above, Cirrus ABS equipped with a unique and advanced search feature. This helps site visitors find the perfect event planner or venue more easily, by guest count, event type, location, or other, relative search terms.

To see what a custom-designed website powered by the eBusiness Suite can do for your company, contact Cirrus ABS today