Cirrus ABS Develops Newly Launched Website for Garden Vigor

Feb 11

Fort Wayne, IN – The Cirrus ABS-developed website for Garden Vigor, a national provider of garden fertility products, recently went live.

The site enables visitors to purchase Garden Vigor’s exclusive line of scientifically formulated soil and plant nutrition products online. It also offers gardening tips that address real-world gardening problems. As the site evolves, it will expand upon these tips and present in layman’s terms a wealth of additional scientific information to help gardeners grow better gardens.

Cirrus ABS completely designed the website, including a package of custom graphics, and, under the direction of Garden Vigor President and Founder Dan Coffin, a Certified Professional Agronomist, wrote content for its main pages. Garden Vigor also sought Cirrus ABS’s help in developing an overall NetCentered Marketing strategy. This strategy first helps the company identify and validate business opportunities, then offers a comprehensive plan for driving traffic to the site. It also encompasses an e-commerce solution and an ongoing search engine optimization (SEO) plan.

Garden Vigor is an offshoot of another firm Coffin owns: SPNC Corp., which provides education, consulting, and production input to growers and agricultural businesses across the Southeastern, Western, and Midwestern United States. “My main emphasis,” Coffin says, “is helping growers increase efficiency by integrating biological and standard fertility programs. It’s all about letting the ‘power of the earth’ work for you.”