Cirrus ABS Helps Custom Home Builder Rebrand & Launch New Website

Jan 18

Fort Wayne, IN – Nationally recognized marketer, business consultant, and Web design and development firm Cirrus ABS recently helped custom home builder Opus Signature Homes rebrand itself and launch a new website,

According to Opus founder, owner, and principal, Mike Gepfert, “I took ownership of general contractor L.A. Fraser Builders, Inc., in 2009. My goal was to focus the company more on its specialty of custom home building. I figured the best way to do that was to just take the plunge and rebrand it. And I figured the best way to promote the rebranding was through a new website. Cirrus ABS had the marketing expertise and the right Web platform to help me do all this affordably.” 

The first step in the process was to come up with a new name. 

Gepfert had long been thinking about calling his company “Opus.” He liked the sound of it – and he liked the connotation: an “opus” is a musical piece numbered to reflect its place within a composer’s total body of work. But the term is often more-widely applied to reference any artistic masterpiece. 

Given his firm’s reputation for building exceptional, one-of-a-kind homes, and given that each custom home takes its place within a body of work that goes back to L.A. Fraser’s founding in 1991, the “Opus” name seemed particularly apt. 

As it turned out, “Opus” also showed up on a list of potential names prepared by the creative team at Cirrus ABS. That was enough to convince Gepfert of its viability. So his firm became Opus Signature Homes. 

The newly launched website makes use of Cirrus ABS’s Small Business Suite (SBS) technology platform – a platform that includes advanced yet simple-to-use content management tools. As part of the package, Cirrus also provided help with the site’s copywriting. And it provides ongoing technical support as well as search engine optimization and social networking integration for high online visibility.

Visitors to the Opus website can see examples of the firm’s custom homes in a Photo Gallery that has a “lightbox” tool. This lets them view each image in a larger, more detail-revealing format. 

In launching the new site, Opus has a ready venue in which to tout the full range of its custom home building services. These are provided generally within a 60-mile radius of Fort Wayne and include custom residential and, particularly, lakefront home building, renovation, remodeling, design/build projects, trim carpentry and millwork, and custom deck design and construction. 

If your company needs help with branding, marketing, website development, and establishing a strong Web presence, contact Cirrus ABS