Cirrus ABS’s Mullett Selected to Speak at Upcoming Career Conference

Jun 19

The Career Development Professionals of Indiana Summer Leadership Institute has chosen Kevin Mullett, director of product development for Fort Wayne digital agency Cirrus ABS, to be one of 12 speakers at its Purdue University Calumet conference, June 26-29. Mullett’s 90-minute session is slated for Wed., June 27, at 8:30 p.m. His topic is how social media, the Web, and mobile access are changing the way we communicate with each other personally and professionally.

Career service professionals from about 50 Midwest educational institutions will be attending the conference. They’re coming to learn more about the use of new technology to better connect with people and improve their leadership skills. While some attendees are late adapters to social media and other technology-inspired innovations, many do have at least some experience with Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and such things as QR codes.

Mullett, who’s career spans more than 20 years, has proven himself as a Web developer, Internet marketer, public speaker, guest blogger, and award-winning designer. He can take personal credit for designing something like 300 or so custom websites. His role at Cirrus ABS is to help clients make the most of social media, search engine optimization, online reputation management, graphic design, and technology to achieve their business objectives.

If you’d like your organization to get more comfortable with today’s technology and expanded communication opportunities, contact Cirrus ABS. Our Web professionals will be happy to speak at your next meeting or special event.