Fort Wayne Seminar, NetCentered: The New Marketing Paradigm

Jul 29

We continue to recieve ackolades from Fort Wayne businesses for seminars that are low on sales pitches and high on marketing information. A group of Fort Wayne business owners joined Cirrus ABS for our NetCentered marketing seminar highlighting the benefits of utilizing a strong web presance as the central hub for all online and offline marketing efforts.
Our own Matt Nickols (CEO) and Mark Burke (COO) shared a website design, internet marketing, and overall NetCentered philosophy that has worked for hundreds of our clients with attendees. 
If you would like to view the slide show from yesterdays social media optimization seminar with important notes please visit our online presentation.
"Appreciate the scope of marketing provided."
"Thank you for this informative presentation."
"I really enjoyed the seminar and hope to come to more."
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