Fort Wayne SEO Seminar: for Visibility, Action, & Conversion

Nov 04

We had a packed meeting room for our Fort Wayne SEO seminar yesterday. Attendees indicated their search engine optimization experience ran from fairly versed to those who said they had only a basic SEO understanding.
Kevin Mullett, Director of Product Development for Cirrus ABS, keyed in quickly on the importance of selecting quality keywords, and utilizing SEO for conversion rather than simple placement. Much emphasis was given to targeting key activities companies can handle themselves like utilizing the SEO actions steps and information given.
Slides from the event, filled with 11 SEO action steps your company can take, is available below. Exit questionnaires indicated a strong value for the subject, SEO action steps given, and the manor in which the seminar was conducted.
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To view slides in full screen, with important notes, please see » Fort Wayne SEO Seminar Slides 

"Great Information, Cirrus ABS is fabulous for informative seminars."
"...not sure where to start. I do however enjoy the way Kevin presents."
"I learned so much! Thank you. I am even more excited about Cirrus partnering with me to create my new website."
"I am amazed at how deep this goes and how much there is to learn. Thank you Kevin!"
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