Fort Wayne Social Media Near Misses and Outright Failures - Trine University

Jan 04
Social Media Near Misses and Outright Failures luncheon seminar was held at Trine University’s Fort Wayne campus on December 15th to a crowd of nearly 40. Speaker Kevin Mullett talked about how we can learn from other businesses social media failures and even how to avoid them.

Kevin Mullett Presenting At Trine University Fort WayneMullett noted that the seminar attendees asked several high quality questions that resulted in great interaction. During the seminar Mullett addressed and gave solutions to many of the common social media failures businesses encounter when trying to advertise via social media networks. 

While many of the attendees indicated social media activity, many were not aware of how they could effectively implement it into their marketing strategies.

Exit questionnaires suggest that the seminar was a success and contained valuable information that could help their businesses social media endeavors. Attendees were invited to stay after if there were any more questions that needed to be addressed. 

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