Google Plus Pages for Brands and Businesses Webinar Wrap Up

Nov 16
Google Plus Pages for brands and businesses were just launched on Monday November 7th to anxious businesses and marketers. The question now is, how do we leverage it? Kevin Mullett covered how to get started with Google+ Pages for brands and businesses in this recent webinar.

Key Points Covered:
  • Is it worth creating a page now and if so, what do I need to know about doing so?
  • How do we build engagement and connections?
  • How will this impact search engine optimization and the visibility of my brand?
  • What are ripples and hangouts for?
  • Looking into the crystal ball and reading between the lines. What is next for Google+?
Google Plus Pages for Brands and Businesses: What Now? What Next? - webinar < View the full slides for important speaker notes: 
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