Indianapolis Social Media Optimization (SMO) Seminar Recap

Jul 22

We had an awesome turnout for yesterday's Indianapolis Social Media Optimization seminar! Social Media Optimization or SMO can be a key component to your internet marketing and search engine optimization strategy. This SMO seminar is a continuation of our summer series, Keeping Up With the Web, in partnership with Indianapolis based Element Three.
Both the morning and afternoon attendees were among the most engaged group we have had noted speaker Kevin Mullett. Many had been to at least one of the previous Indianapolis seminars. 
The social media pre-seminar shakedown questionnaire showed that most in attendance were already actively participating in at least some personal and business social media efforts. Attendees were given no less than eight action items in the presentation and asked to consider each carefully.

If you would like to view the slide show from yesterdays social media optimization seminar with important notes please visit our online presentation. Note that there is a bonus action slide at the very end! If you would prefer to just download the pdf version please see: Indianapolis Social Media Seminar slides
"Awesome presentation! We are learning so much! :)"
"I wouldn't mind a more in depth/longer presentation, but this was what I needed information wise."
"Great presentation! I will definitely check out some of the sites recommended."
"Kevin was both engaging & well prepared...he has a gift for public speaking/presenting!"
"Kevin was fun, informative, and very engaging! Thanks for a great presentation"
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