Mullett to Speak at Trine University & Alliance Games Retail Summit

Oct 04

Kevin Mullett
Director of Product Development
Cirrus ABS
Kevin Mullett, director of product development for digital agency Cirrus ABS and the firm’s acknowledged social media authority, has been invited to speak in two upcoming venues: 

On Sunday October 9, Mullett will address attendees at the Alliance Games Retail Summit 2011 on how to “Be More Social: Using Social Media to Reach New and Existing Customers.” The Summit, which runs from Sunday through Monday, October 10, at the Grand Wayne Center and brings together leading hobbyist retailers, vendors, and creators, is closed to the general public. 

Also, at the invitation of Niclas Hulting, interactive marketing and social media specialist at Trine University, Angola, Indiana, Mullett is slated to address Hulting’s Social Media for Business class on October 14. 

A frequent Cirrus ABS seminar and webinar host, Mullett draws upon his 28-year-plus background in sales, marketing, design, Web development, and Internet technology to give his presentations depth. This, along with his active social  media involvement, has made him increasingly “in demand” by other area organizations, who ask him to speak not only on social media, but also on search engine optimization, and Web marketing in general.