Mullett Wins Top 2011 SMackdown Award

Jan 05

Kevin Mullett, director of product development for Fort Wayne digital agency Cirrus ABS, won the “Most Influential Dude” award at the 3rd Annual Indiana Social Media Summit and SMackdown Awards presented Friday, December 30, 2011.

The luncheon and award ceremony originated in Indianapolis, at the Thr3e Wise Men Brewing Company, and was streamed live via Ustream to a number of other cities across the state, where social media professionals gathered to participate locally. Mullett, who was instrumental in setting up the Ustream feed, learned of his win at the Fort Wayne hosting location, Calhoun Street Soups, Salads, and Spirits.

“I’m really honored,” Mullett said, “especially considering the qualifications of the ten other nominees in this category. Three of them are known authors, and all of them are skilled professionals with definite social media presence. I’m pleased to be counted among them. It’s also nice to be recognized for keeping up with the latest advances in communication technology.”

Another member of the Cirrus ABS team also received a SMackdown Award nomination. Kelly Bergman, Cirrus ABS business analyst, contended with 15 other nominees for the title of “Most Influential Social Media Up and Comer.” Other SMackdown Awards were presented to the “Most Influential Dame” as well as the “Nicest,” the “Grooviest,” and the “Most Ethical” social media peep, company, or campaign. A “Best in Show” award was also presented.

The Indiana Social Media Summit was conceived by Amy Stark, a recognized social media strategist. She launched the Summit’s SMackdown Awards in 2009 in order to generate a list of social media best practices, foster healthy competition, create feelings of goodwill and unity among Indiana social media professionals, showcase Indiana’s “grooviness” to the world, and encourage all involved not to take themselves too seriously.

A popular Cirrus ABS seminar and webinar host, Mullett has been actively engaged in sales, marketing, design, Web development, and Internet technology for more than 28 years. It’s this background that has given him an appreciation of the social media sphere – and its growing importance not only as a means of interpersonal communication, but also as a business and marketing tool.

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