New ‘Content Opportunity Report’ for Marketers Available from MarketSnare

Mar 11

Cirrus ABS announces that its MarketSnare brand has just released what it’s billing as a “Content Opportunity Report.” This unique new tool  was developed to help marketing managers, bloggers, and content creators better formulate their online copy creation strategies. To this end, it simplifies taking inventory of and cataloging known opportunities for writing ever more critical website, social media, and marketing copy.

It was never intended that the Content Opportunity Report, or COR, replace Editorial Calendars. On the contrary, it complements them, offering better direction as to what kinds of content the editorial calendar should list. The COR also clues marketers in on how to find hidden content potential in copy they’ve previously prepared.

Kevin Mullett [@kmullett], MarketSnare director of visibility and social media, and the creator of the COR, says, “Far too often, marketers overspend valuable resources to generate content that’s not part of any strategic plan. Worse, they miss easy opportunities because, for whatever reason, they didn’t even know those opportunities existed. A unique feature of the COR is that it lets you rank content according to the effort you expect to put into its development and according to its potential value. That makes it a lot easier for you to prioritize content creation.”

Kevin credits Derek Pillie [@dpillie], MarketSnare director of vertical programs, and Will Clausen, MarketSnare SEO analyst, as being instrumental in helping him shape the final COR template.

To understand the COR concept, read Kevin's blog "What Is a Content Opportunity Report, and Why Should It Precede an Editorial Calendar?" You can download the free COR template here.

MarketSnare is an enterprise-level program created by Cirrus ABS specifically for businesses with large networks of affiliates, which may be dealers, franchises, retailers, or other such entitites. In essence, MarketSnare helps these businesses create, manage, and localize their brand message across a wide network of local websites through one central CMS interface. For further information, please visit