SEO for Visibility, Action & Conversion 2011 Fort Wayne Seminar

Apr 15

Is your website not showing up in the SERPS? Are you not getting the conversions that you desire? Did you pay good money for an appealing website but it doesn’t seem attract any visitors? Kevin Mullett’s Fort Wayne online marketing seminar entitled “SEO for Visibility, Action, & Conversion 2011” shows us how to correctly do SEO. Visibility in the SERPS is so vital to having a profitable online marketing campaign; Mullett discusses what businesses need to do so that they can achieve that success.

 Key Points and Questions that are covered:

  • What do you need to avoid so that your website won’t get penalized in the SERPS?
  • How will Google Instant change SEO?
  • Winning requires knowledge. What do you need to know to make sure that you are winning in your online marketing endeavors?

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