The Fort Wayne Audio, Video, and Imagery for Online Marketing Seminar

Oct 05
118 Count via HashmarksMore than 40 business professionals joined us on the 4th of October for this unique look at using audio, video, imagery, and photography in online marketing. Speaker Kevin Mullett said, "Clients often spend hours looking for stock photography for their website or blog and struggle with things of interest to post to their social channels when they could just be creating it themselves."
Here's what a couple of attendees had to say:
"Fantastic insight and an awesome way to re-spark my creative juices."
"I took away a lot of info that will help me begin creating videos for our new website."
Below is Mullett's full presentation, which includes over 115 links to online marketing tools and resources.
To follow commentary that was occurring on Twitter and to see pictures from the hands-on session, check below.