The Puzzle Box - July 2011 • Volume 1 • Issue 2

Jul 12
The Puzzle Box - July 2011 • Volume 1 • Issue 2
The Path to Good Intentions Is Paved with Editorial Calendars
Editorial Calendars are one of a number of things you can do to improve your productivity when working on your internet marketing activities. Unless you work for a company that really understands how online visibility can impact your bottom line, more likely than not there are a number of people managing your social media presence as a part of their jobs.

Gotcha Covered!
by Ryne Rhoden
‘Holy Font Size, Batman!!!’
At Cirrus ABS we certainly understand the need to make an impression on the Web. But here’s something to keep in mind regarding your website’s typefaces, or fonts.
When we build your website, we use what’s called a standard “Style Sheet.” This tells every page on your website to use certain formatting, such as the type of font, the font size, and the font color. Why? Well, it’s a “Best Practice” to maintain as much uniformity throughout your site as you can. It tends to make a site look unprofessional if you have 5 pages, say, in which the fonts are all different-looking. So when you’re loading content on your site, remember to use the “remove formatting” button  on the page admin toolbar. This will make sure your content is automatically formatted to the style set for your site. Have questions about this? Visit our “Knowledge Portal” via the link in your site’s administration area and check out the article on “Common Pitfalls.” Then, if you still have questions, give our knowledgeable support staff a call at 877-817-4443. Or email us at Either way, we’re here to help you succeed.

SEO Tip of the Month

The Value of Highly Targeted Keywords
When looking at potential keywords for your site, be sure you have your audience's search intent in mind. For instance, “bottled water” may be what you sell, and that term may be the most search-competitive. You’ll want to go after it. But if your niche is “gooseberry flavored bottled water,” that term has even more relevance to you and your audience. It’s better targeted. So, yes, it’ll typically have less traffic associated with it than with the more-generic term. But it’s likelier to produce much higher sales conversion rates for you.

Web Watch

Search Engines Beat Yellow Pages for Local Search – Who Are You Marketing To?
by Bill Gardiner
When the sales department at Cirrus engages a new customer we often have to educate and build awareness of the Web’s role as a sales and marketing tool and the positive impact it can have on business when executed properly. All too often, however, senior leadership becomes aware of the underperformance of its company website when they see competitors’ new or re-designed websites or when told by a key customer that its website doesn’t look up to par. At Cirrus, we are driven to provide our clients with the best tools to maximize their online visibility, which, of course, leads to more clicks and more leads. 

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