Two of Our Own Nominated For Indiana Social Media Award

Dec 28
Indiana Social Media Award Nominees
We are proud to have, not one, but two of our active social media professionals nominated for the 2nd Annual Indiana Social Media Summit and Smackdown awards. Also known in the Twitterverse by the hashtag #IN_SM10.
Both Derek Pillie and Kevin Mullett were nominated for Indiana's Nicest Social Media Peep, and Kevin was nominated for Indiana's Most Influential Social Media Peep as well. As it turns out Kevin is not eligible, as he was selected to host the Fort Wayne event.
Winners will be recognized Thursday, December 30th at 1:30pm. Host cities will be connected via video chat as the announcements take place, and will include Indianapolis, Michiana, Fort Wayne, Lafayette, Evansville, and Bloomington. Please RSVP to attend the Fort Wayne event with Kevin, Derek, and many other social media professionals from around the area.
We would like to thank those who nominated Derek Pillie and Kevin Mullett for consideration.