Cirrus ABS’s Mullett Named a Top 100 #ContentMarketing Influencer

Jul 23
Kevin Mullett, Cirrus ABS director of social media and visibility, was named recently as one of the Top 100 Individuals who are shaping Twitter’s #ContentMarketing discussion.
The list was compiled by Onalytica, an online “Influencer Relationship Management” firm that offers a specialized software program enabling customers to systematically manage and scale their relationships with key influencers and thought leaders throughout industry and the media.
“I really do appreciate this honor,” Mullett says. “It’s not just another baseless, narcissistic ‘good-old-boys,’ ‘you-scratch-my-back-I’ll-scratch-yours’ kind of publicity ploy. Onalytica actually analyzed a lot of data to come up with the list.”
That analysis included reviewing more than 770,000 tweets from a total of 103,429 Twitter users to determine who was generating the most #ContentMarketing interest. Mullett shows up on the list at number 94. Showing up at all did surprise him somewhat. “People who host Twitter chats on this subject frequently invite me to participate in their chats, and I certainly noticed this was happening a lot,” he says. “I just didn’t give much thought to it. So I’m pleased.”
Content marketing is a subject Mullett addresses routinely in his work for Cirrus ABS, especially when advising clients on the proper use of the firm’s proprietary MarketSnare program. The subject pertains significantly in the development of a client’s MarketSnare visibility and marketing strategies. It often comes into play as well when Mullett performs audits to resolve issues affecting general online marketing performance.
Mullett is a 25-year veteran of the sales and marketing industry. He’s also an Addy award-winning designer with an additional 15 years of experience in web development and online marketing. His committed social media advocacy and participation have not only made him a popular speaker but also earned him a worldwide online following.
Cirrus ABS created MarketSnare to solve the challenges businesses face in managing a large network of local websites. With MarketSnare’s unique features, any multi-location enterprise can reap the benefits of best-practice local marketing.