Case Studies

Our Case Studies module gives you the opportunity to promote the success your company has had in solving a particular issue or providing a service. It lets you showcase what you can do by showing what you've done.
You can categorize your case studies by service industry (if applicable), embed videos, and insert images, tables and documents.
Cirrus ABS Case Study Module
Each case study can have a landing page of its own where you explain in detail what you did to provide a solution or product for a client. This is a great way to display before-and-after photos, show examples of what you’ve done, incorporate testimonials, etc.
Cirrus ABS Case Study Module
Case studies also can tie in with an Image Gallery that will allow for multiple image uploads. The images you upload will automatically resize to fit the page, providing a consistent look, but they will open in a lightbox that lets users view the images full-size.
Cirrus ABS Case Study Module
Case studies can be categorized by service, industry, product, or any other way you think makes sense: you control the categories. 
Case studies also can be searched: if someone wants to see a case study relevant to the service they’re looking for, they can get to it quickly.
SEO Tools: Case Studies take advantage of our easy-to-use SEO Tools.
Cirrus ABS eBusiness Suite Case Study Module