Cirrus eBusiness Suite Web Application Framework

Supporting Scalable, High-Performance Web Applications

Our eBusiness Suite is an enterprise-caliber framework that provides the building blocks for developing scalable, high-performance web applications quickly and cost effectively.
Key features of this award-winning framework include:
  • User account management
  • Authentication with LDAP integration
  • Granular permissions
  • Audited and verified security
  • Content personalization
  • Content management
  • Secure portals
  • Notifications
  • Integration with payment gateways
  • Range of pre-built modules providing advanced functionality
  • Full support of clustered environments
  • Multi-server review-and-approve workflow and publishing
  • Digital asset management
  • Enterprise-caliber 3-Tier architecture
  • A standard .NET technology platform
  • Full source code availability in C#
  • Available documentation and training
Software Architecture Overview
We built our Cirrus eBusiness Suite on Microsoft® .NET technologies. Its enterprise-caliber three-tier architecture was designed into the framework, thus ensuring near-unlimited scalability, flexibility, extensibility, and interoperability. It uses industry-standard XML, JSON, and other data exchange technologies, too. So you can exchange data with nearly any system that's also based on industry-accepted standards.
The core of our Cirrus eBusiness Suite web application framework is built on and extends the capabilities of the .NET framework. It provides key functionality such as user authentication, granular security permissions, XML-driven user interfaces, and content personalization. It also delivers a range of pre-built modules that provide the functionality to address common business application needs.
As mentioned above, three distinct tiers make up the architecture of the eBusiness Suite.
The Data Access Tier communicates with the eBusiness Suite database and other data sources to retrieve and manage information.
The Business Logic Tier separates business rules, application functionality, and integration from the actual online presentation of information. This tier communicates with the Data Access Tier and manipulates data based on the established business rules. It then provides information to the Presentation Tier via XML and standard .NET objects.
The Presentation Tier uses standard XSL transforms to convert XML into the desired output: either HTML, XML, JSON, CSV, PDF, or any other common presentation format, as desired.  It also can provide different outputs reflecting device, OS, browser, and other desired variables. This gives your applications complete flexibility and allows you to create the best possible user experience.
If you’d like to know more about our eBusiness Suite and the extraordinary, scalable capabilities it offers you, contact Cirrus ABS.