Glossary of Terms

This module lets you create a dynamic listing of terms and organize it either alphabetically or by topic. Each term can be defined by an unlimited amount of information, including pictures and downloads, and can be linked-to directly from other pages of the site. Your glossary is searchable, as well, making it a quick and easy matter for visitors to find the definition they need.
Each term has its own landing page allowing a more detailed definition. You can embed video in this page and add images, links, documents, or anything else you think necessary to properly explain a term. Having a separate page for each term gives you another advantage: It boosts your search engine visibility for that topic.
You can create categories for different groups of terms.
Every Glossary of Terms is fully searchable, so if someone knows what they’re looking for, they can find it quickly and easily.
SEO Tools: Our SEO Tools are available for each term.