For many reasons, the Cirrus ABS News module is sure to prove one of your website's most versatile and effective tools. It lets you embellish each news article you create with videos, images, related documents, or links to other information. And it lets you display on your homepage a headline or a brief highlight of your site's newest articles. Any news you release will not only be updated automatically on your homepage but also in your RSS feed. Just click a button, and you can schedule the release of your news articles or remove them as necessary from your site.
News Headlines: Show the titles of your news articles in a section of smaller headlines on your homepage. This module makes it easy to do, setting up each title as a link to the complete article itself. From an SEO standpoint, this is particularly beneficial: One of the first things a search engine looks at is your site’s homepage. If your news is regularly updated there, a search engine will dig deeper to see what else on your site has changed.
rss  RSS Feeds: RSS Feeds are automatically updated when you add a news articles, alerting anyone who subscribes.  
SEO Tools: Our SEO Tools are available on every News article. 
Content Scheduling: The article Publishing Date and Remove Date are fully controlled by you, letting you determine when news is released and when it's removed from your site.