Our Technologies

The Framework Supporting our Marketing Solutions

With Cirrus ABS you get the advantages of a provider having marketing expertise in both the creative
and the technological, the digital and the traditional.

Our in-house marketing team and our in-house technology team work together to deliver solutions
that …

  • enhance your business processes,
  • increase your brand visibility,
  • help you boost customer conversions, and
  • better measure the success of your multi-channel marketing efforts.

As you might expect, doing all this in the digital age requires advanced technology. Not just any will do, however. The scope and complexity of our marketing solutions, the multiple channels involved, and the way they must interact if you’re to achieve success has spurred us to develop our own technology.

It begins with our proprietary, multiple award-winning Cirrus eBusiness Suite Web/Application Framework. This is the platform that supports and simplifies our unique content management system, Cirrus CMS. It’s also the “engine” that drives virtually every element of our MarketSnare system, a web solution designed to increase local market visibility for clients with extensive affiliate networks across wide geographic areas.

This programming is created by our own talented tech team, which includes experienced web developers, software engineers, database programmers, and other highly skilled professionals.

Of course, we recognize there are all kinds of other useful technology tools available today, and we're willing to deploy whatever proves best for the job at hand.

To learn more about the technology we provide and how it serves the marketing solutions that best serve you, explore our website. Then contact Cirrus ABS.