Product Catalog

Our Product Catalog gives you the perfect avenue in which to display the products you offer - without requiring a full-blown eCommerce solution. 
With this tool, it's easy to add your own categories, products, images, descriptions - you name it. Everything is within your control.
You can even associate an image with each product category you create. That not only adds a nice graphic touch to the page but also helps visitors find what they're looking for.
Each category can have its own landing page, letting you explain that category in detail. Your products within that category can then be listed with brief descriptions, with images, or with both descriptions and images.
Any images uploaded with your product can be seen in a light box (which offers a larger view), leaving space for you to explain your product more fully or have other images associated with it. Don't worry about having to resize images - our tools do that for you.
SEO Tools: Each product has SEO tools that let you take full advantage of the Product Catalog module's capabilities.