Sites & Buildings

Our Sites & Buildings module gives you broad capability to display your sites or buildings according to the criteria by which people are searching for them - by location, for example, or by price, size, property IDs, and so on.
You can associate search tags with each site or building so people can narrow fields down to precisely what they're looking for, be it a warehouse, land, an office, or whatever. This is entirely within your control.
Sites & Buildings can automatically embed Google maps, provide associated image galleries for each property, and stream live webcam feeds directly from the site.
Administrator Area
On the Sites & Buildings detail page, the address entered in the administrative area (an easy "fill-in-the-blank" task) automatically pulls in an interactive Google map, which can be shown in any view.
Detail Page
You can stream live webcam video from a work site to your website.
Project Gallery More images can be added using an integrated image gallery. This tool enables you to resize each image automatically so it fits well with other images on the page. Users can click on any image to see a larger, full-size view of it in a light box.
SEO Tools Use SEO Tools for your Sites & Building pages.