Our Software Development Process

Developing the Software You Need One Deliberate Step at a Time

That’s the only way to ensure superior functionality. With each software solution we develop for our clients, we follow well-established software industry “best practices.” Here’s how we define the steps of our process:
Requirement Gathering We’ll work with all of your organization’s key stakeholders to fully understand the requirements of your project. This usually entails conducting an initial project kickoff meeting to fully identify the project’s objectives, your primary business requirements, and the technical specifications of the software solution needed. We conduct additional research as well and document all business and technical details.
Functional Specifications These are derived from all the meetings and interviews we conduct in the Requirement Gathering (or discovery) phase of the  process – and from any data provided later by the client.  The resultant documentation will contain specs detailing all software application functionality, the content for each area of the client’s website, and how everything will work together as a cohesive system. We also provide detailed wireframes for the system’s main web application screens and a system flow diagram that shows the logical flow of each application. Once the client has reviewed this documentation, we work closely with the client to make whatever revisions may be necessary for final client approval.
Detailed Design Building on the Functional Specifications document, we construct a Detailed Design document. This contains all required specifications for the construction of each component of the completed system. Our development staff uses this document as a technical guide in executing the backend functionality of the client’s website.
Application Development In this phase of the software development process, our team builds out the defined system in accordance with the specifications outlined in the Functional Specifications and Detailed Design documents.
Final Testing and User Acceptance We employ a variety of testing methodologies to ensure that all site functionality works according to plan. Extensive unit testing is conducted for each software application. In the final phase of testing, we also conduct integration tests to validate that all applications are working properly together. Then, before we turn the project over to the client, we perform quality assurance testing, going through the entire system to make sure it’s working as intended.
User Training All client personnel the client has designated as website content managers are thoroughly trained in using the software applications properly. What’s worth noting here is that our applications make site management intuitively easy, so training isn’t a trial. We also offer complete support for the life of the system and are available to address any issues well into the future.
Launch In this phase of the project, we address all final details that must be attended to in order to take the client’s website live. We create a checklist of these details, have the client approve it and sign off on the user acceptance testing, then work with all involved parties to execute the launch plan smoothly.
Project Review and Future Planning Once the site is launched successfully, we review the completed project with the client and work together to craft a plan that addresses any future functionality needs. What kind of software can we develop for you? Contact Cirrus ABS.