Search Engine Optimization

All the Tools & Techniques You Need to Get Found on the Web

Why Search Engine Optimization Is Critically Important

It’s not enough to have a Website. You need a website people can find. And in order for people to find it, search engines have to be able to find it. And rank it. And the higher they rank it, the better the chance it’ll get found.

Okay, you may say, but still, why all the fuss about search engine optimization? Because, today, more and more companies are recognizing the importance of the web to their overall marketing objectives. More and more companies are establishing an online presence because the web is where the people are.  
Search Engine Optimization, Visibility, Intent, Engagement, & Conversion

People are going online to search for information on the products and services they want – and for the companies providing those products and services. Competition is fierce. Often literally hundreds of companies are competing in a single product or market category for consumer attention. This is true especially of the business-to-business market – and any market that fulfills a niche. Research shows that, the narrower the niche, the more likely it is that people are going online to find and evaluate their options in it.

What gives one company an edge? What makes one company stand out from others on the web? search engine optimization.

This is the process by which the most relevant, the most searched-for keywords and phrases that define your business are gathered, analyzed, and put to work on your website to ...
  • attract search engine attention,
  • let search engines accurately assess what you do and what you offer, and
  • help search engines compare your site to others employing the same or similar keywords and rank you accordingly (Google alone uses more than 200 criteria to do this!)

Obviously, the higher your site is ranked on a search engine results page, the easier it is for people who are right in the thick of the decision-making process to find you – and start doing business with you. Your return on investment with search engine optimization not only is high but also comes quickly.

Remember: If you aren’t on the web, your competitors are; they’re capitalizing on opportunities you’re missing. And if you are on the web, our SEO solutions can help you leave your competitors in the dust.

Why Cirrus ABS Is Your “Best Choice” SEO Partner

We offer a proven SEO process. It’s a process – continually evolving, continually refined – that we’ve been using on behalf of hundreds of enterprises across the country since 1995.

That said, our SEO process is distinguished by more than how long we've used it successfully. It's also distinguished by having grown out of our considerable experience as a full-service web developer and marketing provider.

We don’t undertake search engine optimization in a box, as do so many of today’s small, proliferating fly-by-night SEO companies. Instead, we consider SEO in light of its implications for your entire marketing effort and your business goals overall. Our web, marketing, and technological expertise enables us to evaluate SEO in the context of how it will affect every aspect of your business, not just your web presence. And it’s precisely because we take this holistic approach to SEO that we’re able to identify new, often unsuspected opportunities for our clients and help position them to take full advantage of those opportunities.

With that in mind, we offer you the services of a dedicated SEO team – a team that understands much more than SEO. It’s led, of course, by SEO analysts, each of whom has more than 15 years of experience in marketing and web technology. But it’s also composed of award-winning writers, designers, programmers, and technicians. Their varied expertise covers every aspect of SEO necessary for success online.

What our team works to achieve for you, ultimately, is an SEO solution that provides the high return on investment we alluded to earlier. The formula we employ may be summed up fairly succinctly:


Getting you found, then, is only the first step in an SEO strategy. That’s what a high position, or ranking, does for you on a search engine results page. More important is actually driving targeted prospects to your site and converting them into customers. We have a proven track record of helping clients accomplish this.

We’ll work with you to see that your search engine headlines and descriptions are market-focused so they grab the right people and compel them to click through to your website. We’ll also help you make sure that, once people are on your site, they get a concise yet vivid presentation of what you offer and a clear incentive to action.

If you’re serious about taking your business to the next level, you need an effective SEO solution from a solid SEO partner. That’s us.

Why Our SEO Process Gets Results

It’s all-encompassing. If we were to explain every facet of it, you’d be confronted with volumes of highly technical, arcane, convoluted text. We know, we know: That sounds like a cop-out. But if you’ve studied SEO even a little bit, you have some idea of how much it entails.

Google, as we mentioned earlier, analyzes more than 200 criteria to determine content relevancy and site rankings. And that’s just Google. We at Cirrus have to consider all the major search engines’ criteria – and hundreds of other factors besides. Our SEO experts weigh this vast amount of data to see where our time would best be spent to get you the SEO results you need.

Perhaps the most readily comprehensible thing we could say about our process is this: In order to provide you with an effective SEO program, we address three sets of factors that influence search engine visibility:
  1. technical factors
  2. onsite factors
  3. offsite factors

The technical factors include, for example, your site’s document structure, which tells a search engine what content is most important on a page; the construction of internal links; how your site map is organized; and how your META tags are formatted. Technical factors are the foundational aspects of your site that must be in place in order for search engines to find you and rank you.

Onsite factors basically encompass all the non-technical aspects of your site: the breadth and depth of your page content; the relevance, competitiveness, and frequency of the keywords and phrases used to define your business; and the flow of site paths that make sure the right audience is directed to the right information on your site.

As for the offsite factors, these include any directories in which you may be listed; the social networks in which you participate; the backlinks you get from other sites; and so on. Here, the quality of the association is just as important as the quantity of the links, as far as search engine visibility is concerned. It’s all about the “buzz” your site generates.

We not only analyze these three sets of factors but we also implement them, segmenting your customer base, researching the keywords and phrases appropriate to each segment, deploying the technology, creating or helping you create content, and ensuring that all offsite elements are in place. The whole point, again, is to get you found online.

Remember, though, that’s just the first objective of an SEO strategy. For you to be truly successful online, we further focus our SEO process on driving targeted prospects to your site and converting them into customers. Search Engine Position x Click-Through Rate x Lead Conversion = A High ROI: This is the formula that guides our process every step of the way.

We also provide ongoing SEO support. This entails continually reviewing the status of your SEO efforts, analyzing where they’ve been successful and where they might need improvement, reporting our findings to you, and making whatever adjustments may be necessary. These adjustments reflect, among other things, what your competitors are doing, how search engine methodologies are evolving, and the ever-changing landscape of the web.

We have the specialists, the knowledge base, the experience, the tools, and the process to make SEO work for you ... with remarkable, measurable results.

Why Our SEO Solution Is Just Right for You

It isn’t a boilerplate, one-size-fits-all solution. No, indeed. We offer different SEO plans at different price points. Which one we recommend and which one you authorize depends entirely on:

  1. your overall business and marketing objectives,
  2. the scope of the opportunity (in large part, the revenue that could be generated for you as a result of high search engine visibility),
  3. the depth of your product line or service offerings, which ultimately influences the number of keywords and phrases you need to define your business and compete effectively for search engine ranking, and
  4. the degree of competition for the keywords and phrases relevant to your business.

You can be sure you’ll get the benefit of our entire analytical process regardless of which Cirrus SEO solution you choose. The difference between a plan at one price point or another is the amount of time and effort it lets us devote to each phase of the process, the number of new opportunities it lets us discover, and how many key words it lets us pursue.

We'll happily show you our SEO options, evaluate your needs, and recommend the solution most likely to help you achieve your objectives.To learn more, contact Cirrus ABS.