Social Media Marketing

Embracing the “Social Three” as Part of an Online Marketing Strategy

One of the most explosive new trends in communication is the use of what’s been dubbed “social media,” or “social networking,” or “social marketing” – what we at Cirrus call the “Social Three.” Prime examples? Well, surely you’ve heard of Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, LinkedIn, MySpace? These are the current social media giants, the most popular of the new generation of Web communication services.
The "Social Three": Social Media, Social Networking, Social Marketing Experts
Many businesses view online social media as more of a personal communication tool than as another means of delivering their message and achieving their business goals. But savvy companies are discovering otherwise. What they’re learning is what we’d like to help you see: that social media offer your company a uniquely personal and engaging way to …
  • position yourself as an expert in your field,
  • get your message in front of highly targeted prospects,
  • generate positive buzz,
  • become much more visible in your market niche,
  • drive traffic to your website, and
  • build your brand.
With search engine use at an all-time high, this is the moment, the ideal opportunity for you to venture into the realm of social media. Think of social media as an online version of that dinner party you attend each year when secretly you’d rather stay home and watch the game. Much as it hurts, you know that plopping yourself into your favorite recliner in front of the tube (or the flatscreen) won’t win you business. So you put your best foot forward and head out to socialize.
Social Media Visibility Equals Brand Visibility and Traffic.
We can help you do more than deal with it. We can help you become the life of the social media party.
  • Our social media marketing program starts with an Opportunity Evaluation.
  • From that, we develop a customized strategic plan geared to helping you take best advantage of the social media/social networking/social marketing opportunities we’ve identified.
  • We’ll help determine which of the social media are most likely to benefit you.
  • We can even help you set up and execute an ongoing social media program.

Believe it: now is the time to join the party. Contact Cirrus ABS and talk with us about how online social media can work for you.