Tradeshow Development

The Strategy You Need for Lasting Tradeshow Success

If you participate often in trade shows you know the score: a cool-looking booth and a flashy flyer aren’t enough to guarantee success anymore. You need an all-encompassing tradeshow strategy – one that takes into account the total experience you create for attendees. That experience must go well beyond the trade show, too, if you’re to gain any lasting benefits.

Let us bring our unique NetCentered philosophy to bear on your tradeshow development. What it does is provide a holistic approach that helps us help you …

  • identify the events in which you really must participate to achieve your best ROI;
  • develop a sound tradeshow strategy that defines the experience you want to resonate with attendees well after the event;
  • develop leave-behind collateral pieces that not only convey your value proposition but also integrate with attendees’ mobile devices via scanning technology;
  • design and develop that cool-looking tradeshow booth (still desirable, of course!);
  • design and develop interactive kiosks and related touch-screen applications; and
  • develop a powerful website with the technology to measure the response to your tradeshow promotions and let you follow up on leads more effectively (the essence of our NetCentered thinking).

We’d love to talk with you about your tradeshow needs. Contact Cirrus ABS, and we’ll show you more of the advantages our unique combination of creativity, technology, traditional media, and digital media can deliver.