Web Design

Visually Connecting Your Message to Your Online Marketing Goals

It’s all about creating that “Wow!” factor. And that's something we know quite a bit about. Over the course of our existence, we’ve been responsible for numerous award-winning web designs.
Our expert design team applies all the usual design principles in its work. But, to a degree not required in other media, there’s as much science as there is art in web design. The web calls for a marriage of art and technology, bringing into play such factors as …
  • Usability. Most of the graphics on a website have functional significance in helping visitors navigate through it – a critical consideration, if your site is to be successful. We also know how to design for mobile devices and business apps.
  • Load Time. The file size of the graphics is very important. The bigger the file, the longer it takes to load online. And if people have to wait too long for your website to load, they’ll leave it.
  • Graphic dimensions. The size and shape of graphic elements can have a major impact on how your website is constructed.
  • Audience. The Web gives you an opportunity to create design elements specific to various segments of your targeted audience.
Website design tailored for your primary and specialized audiences
We understand and account for all the web design factors critical to your online success.
Whether you want us to design an entirely new website for you from the ground up or refresh your existing website design, we have the expertise to do it with flair. We’ll provide the graphic and design elements necessary to …
  • attract visitors,
  • ensure smooth site functionality,
  • hold visitors on site, and
  • turn visitors into customers.
To learn more about how we blend creativity, technology, traditional media, and digital media to help you achieve your marketing goals, contact Cirrus ABS . We'd love to talk with you about your web
design needs.