Certa Pro Painters

Painter’s new website makes a splash
“One of the things I really value about working with Cirrus is that our relationship is more of a partnership. When I come to them with an idea, they always make my idea better. Or, if I’m going in the wrong direction, they’re not hesitant to tell me there’s a better direction. I value that, because it helps me get the rankings that I need.”
- MaryAnn Naegle, Marketing Director, CertaPro Painters of Indianapolis

Client Profile

Specializing in both residential and commercial repainting, CertaPro Painters of Indianapolis is the largest franchisee in the national CertaPro Painters system. CertaPro Indy asked Cirrus ABS to:
  • Improve their local visibility and overall web presence, particularly in the commercial market
  • Create an impressive design unique to the local franchise while staying within the brand guidelines of the franchise system
  • Integrate with online tools and assets provided by the franchise system to cost-effectively add value to the project
  • Strengthen their web visibility through search engine optimization and social media
  • Increase website traffic that generates actionable sales leads
  • Enhance communication with customers by allowing them to view the status of their projects online

The Cirrus Solution

Cirrus ABS met with management at CertaPro Indy to learn their concerns and objectives, and then redesigned its website to attract more customers, especially differentiating the company’s commercial painting expertise.

In addition, Cirrus ABS:
  • Developed an SEO plan that would raise visibility for CertaPro Indy in each of its seven commercial market segments and provide information specific to each market
  • Offered a monthly SEO program and consultation that enabled CertaPro to update site content frequently, which kept the site visible, addressed new marketing campaigns and expanded their search terms
  • Created a back-end portal where commercial and residential customers could get updates directly from the jobsite on the progress of their project (CertaPro Indy project managers update this information easily using Cirrus ABS’ content management system.)

The Results

Since launching the new website and SEO campaign, CertaPro Indy has seen a dramatic increase in its web presence!
more web traffic
increase in sales leads in its commercial markets
rise in residential market sales leads