Art Director

Unifying Your Message Visually across All Media

If you’re looking for temporary help with art direction, you’ll be glad to know our art directors are well versed in both traditional and digital solutions. They also have long experience and bring considerable talent to the table.

Depending on your actual needs, the art director we provide can help you …

  • brainstorm the overall vision – the look and “feel” – of your marketing materials,
  • solidify this vision from the collective ideas presented,
  • supervise and provide guidance for all staff involved in developing the vision, be they graphic artists, junior designers, production artists, photographers, or other such professionals, and
  • ensure that the vision is uniformly presented across all deployed media, traditional and digital.

Among the decisions our art director can help you make are:

  • What kind of mood should your marketing pieces establish?
  • How is the psychological appeal of your message best conveyed visually to your target audience?
  • What artistic style should be employed?
  • Might one medium be better than another to carry your message? For example, would video get the idea across better than print, or vice versa?

Rest assured, the help we provide is never intended to supplant your own team members. What we offer are additional skill sets to fill any gaps in your capabilities or give your people an extra hand. However long you retain our services, our art director will work harmoniously with your team to deliver the results you need.

For details on all of our marketing and technology solutions, please explore our website. Then contact Cirrus ABS. We’d love to sit down with you and discuss what roles we might play in helping fulfill your business objectives.