SEO Specialist

Help to Get You Found & Keep You Found Online

Search engine optimization is an art and a science – in pretty much equal parts. Our experienced SEO specialists understand both aspects. They’ll use a wide variety of tools and tactics, both technical and intuitive, to help you maximize your search engine visibility.

Engage us for additional SEO help, and our SEO specialists will create a one-of-a-kind program for you. Not only that, but they’ll also work with you month after month, as long as you need them, to expand and refine your SEO strategy. That includes identifying and validating targeted keywords, providing an SEO baseline report, and following up with regular performance reports.

A high-level sampling of our SEO services would include …

  • title tags for keyword relevance,
  • website content expansion,
  • use of relevant META tags,
  • 301 redirects/custom 404
  • website content frequency assessments
  • title optimization for SERPS (search engine results pages)
  • website content depth assessments,
  • content relevance assessments,
  • alt image tags,
  • robot.txt,
  • title attributes,
  • an XML sitemap,
  • event promotion,
  • internal cross-linking structure,
  • local listings,
  • anchor text,
  • backlink expansion –
  • and that’s just for starters.

Rest assured, the help we provide is never intended to supplant your own team members. What we offer are additional skill sets to fill any gaps in your capabilities or give your people an extra hand. However long you retain our services, our SEO specialists will work harmoniously with your team to deliver the results you need.

For details on all of our marketing and technology solutions, please explore our website. Then contact Cirrus ABS. We’d love to sit down with you and discuss what roles we might play in helping fulfill your business objectives.