Who We Are

A Trusted Marketing & Technology Solutions Partner

Cirrus ABS (the ABS standing for “Advanced Business Solutions”) was founded in 1995 for one reason: to help businesses capitalize on new opportunities brought about by the Internet.

Today, having served hundreds of clients nationwide, from small startups to Fortune 500 companies, we’re recognized as a premier technology and marketing solutions firm.

Our approach is unique. It blends our broad experience in software, mobile, and web application development with cutting-edge creative and technology-based marketing strategy. Result? Our clients regard us as a valuable partner in problem-solving.  And they look to us for vision.

Here’s what sets us apart from other industry providers:

Our ProcessesWe tackle each new project methodically at Cirrus ABS. First, we help clients assess their challenges. Then we apply our results-oriented NetCentered strategy to help them meet those challenges and achieve their goals. The approach we take is both agile and process-driven. This enables us to deliver positive outcomes time and again, in a quick, cost-effective manner.
Our Platforms “Innovation” is our middle name! That’s evident in the advanced technology platforms Cirrus ABS develops. These platforms are the foundation upon which we build more-complex web-based marketing solutions. And they let us do it with greater efficiency and cost-effectiveness.
Our Approach We work differently than other solution providers. We find it better to partner with clients’ existing teams, filling in gaps in their expertise or resources. Our team of experts is as flexible as it is versatile. We can move in and out of a process or project as needed, providing the right resources at the right time to keep projects moving toward completion.
Our PeopleWe’re staffed with extraordinary professionals – specialists in a variety of tasks, from high-level strategizing to execution. Look to us for help in developing websites, mobile sites, e-commerce solutions, web apps, social media strategies, marketing collateral, messaging, and everything in-between.

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