Professional Marketing Content Support

Feeding your multi-channel marketing machine is a never-ending task. Online and offline, you need content that connects with your audience; content that grabs people’s attention, moves them to action, and converts prospects into customers.

If you or your existing marketing partners have professional writers on staff, you’re in good shape. But even then you may need more in the way of professional copywriting services – especially as you add channels to your outreach.

Our own staff of professional copywriters can provide whatever supplemental help you need in developing content. These writers have decades of industry experience and are quite adept at crafting award-winning, result-getting copy (not to mention concepts) for …

  • websites  and microsites (including SEO copy),
  • enewsletters and email campaigns,
  • blogs,
  • social media marketing,
  • direct mail,
  • print catalogs, brochures, and advertising,
  • radio and TV spots,
  • press releases,
  • magazine feature articles,
  • data sheets,
  • video and film scripts,
  • multimedia presentations,
  • billboards, posters, and other signage,
  • point-of-purchase materials,
  • sales meeting speeches and skits, and
  • so much more!

Have a particular copywriting need not included in the list above? Ask us about it. Whatever help we provide, you can be sure our professional copywriters will work well with whatever marketing team you have in place. And if you don’t have a marketing team? Our team can assist you with as much or as little of your copywriting as you deem necessary.

You can be sure, too, that our copywriters are well-versed in our NetCentered marketing approach. That means they know how to write copy that drives traffic from any channel back to your website, where it can be measured and analyzed.

To learn more, contact Cirrus ABS. We’d love to sit down with you and talk about your copywriting needs.