What We Do

Web Development, Marketing, Business Process Innovation ... and More

Success in today’s world requires organizations to integrate their business processes and marketing with digital technology. We can help you do that smartly – because we understand all three. And we know how they’re meant
to work together. That makes us unique among providers. It also enables us to open up a distinct market advantage
for you.
Our long experience has given us further insight into the creative as well as the business and technological sides of marketing. With expertise in multiple disciplines, we're a full-service provider, helping our clients meet or exceed their business goals with …
  • Creative work that integrates traditional and digital marketing approaches,
  • Technology development encompassing a wide range of software platforms and technologies, and
  • Role-filling that covers gaps in client resources and helps them get more done.
    A sampling of the service solutions we provide for our clients appears below. If you’d like to learn more, 
    • Netcentered Strategy
    • Web Development
    • Search Engine Visibility
    • Writing Services
    • Design
    • Push Marketing
    • Software Development
    • E-Learning
    The Web is where the people are. More and more individuals, more and more companies are doing business online. Consequently, the corporate website has become the centerpiece of many a company's marketing communications program. What's needed to keep that program on track is a solid Internet-driven ("NetCentered") business and marketing strategy. Our team of cross-disciplinary experts has helped hundreds of business organizations develop just that. We've shown them how the Internet can be deployed to boost direct sales, enhance and expedite business processes, simplify and improve customer service, aid in hiring, and open up internal communication. We can help you develop such a strategy too. view netcentered strategy
    The core of any Internet-driven ("NetCentered") marketing plan is, of course, the corporate website. We've developed hundreds of them -- including a host of award winners. We also excel at Intranet, Extranet (Client Portal), and eCommerce solutions. What kind of solution can our Web development experts find for you? view web development
    What do most people do when they want to look online for products and services you provide? They use a search engine. The higher you are on a search engine results page, the more people who don't already know you will find you and explore what you have to offer. (Okay, it's more complicated than that, but that's the gist of it) We have the experience, the techniques, and the strategic know-how to make sure you get found on the Internet. Our search engine optimization and paid search practices are completely ethical and measurably effective, too -- unlike those of so many small, fly-by-night SEO providers zipping in and out of the market today. If you want to be search-engine visible, you want what we have to offer. view search engine visibility
    Writing that perfectly captures your brand, your voice, your image ... that speaks directly, honestly, and powerfully to your audience ... that moves your customers to action and brand loyalty: That's the kind of writing Cirrus ABS provides. Our professional, award-winning writers bring decades of advertising, marketing, and branding experience to bear upon your project -- not to mention considerable writing talent. Even if you have your own marketing department and your own writers on staff, our writing services can supplement and support your in-house efforts effectively and cost-efficiently. view writing services
    Whether it be for the Web, print, or mobile devices, we produce exceptional, award-winning creative work. We understand, first off, how various technologies and media affect design, imposing their own restrictions, demanding unique solutions. In the age of the Internet, even the best creative fizzles if it doesn't take into account user interfaces, interactivity requirements, file-size constraints, and other such factors. Put our team of experience designers to work on your project, and they'll make sure whatever they design has bite. view design
    Email. Traditional direct mail. Online advertising campaigns ... and more. We have the know-how to get your message in front of targeted prospects efficiently and effectively. Talk with our business consultants. We'll help you develop marketing campaigns that get results you can measure -- big time. view push marketing
    Our team of seasoned software engineers leverages years of mission-critical application development experience to deliver ...
    • innovative, high-value custom software applications
    • our award-winning Cirrus eBusiness Suite platform
    Pardon the cliche, but it's true: if you can dream it, we can build it. view software development view ebusiness suite
    Look closely at a successful company, and you'll find a well educated staff. Such companies make sure their people have ample opportunity for continued learning, too. If that's what you want for your people and your company, talk with us. We can help you develop comprehensive online learning strategies and powerful educational content. We can help you make good use of sophisticated learning management system technology as well. With our eLearning programs, the competitive edge is yours. view eLearning